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To start a new Legion is quite very simple, just start with a jerk and add a dash of bezerk; then stir the drama well until the members feel like hell. Simmer for a day but no longer than two, then throw out the old legion and serve in the new :)

- Tami aka IceQueen
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Welcome to Evil Angels
A Legion for all who wish to play
without drama or discord.

We have but one rule here at Evil Angels, and that is to play respectfully in accordance with Aion game rules.

We are all here to have fun and support our fellow Legion members with game-play knowledge; crafting and gathering mats; and help with quests and instances.
We do prefer our members to be of adult age, but welcome all who are not offended by occasional adult discourse as is mentioned as a warning when joining the Legion Vent chat channel.

If interested in joining and being a part of this website just select "Join" at the top under heading and let the game-play begin.















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Evil Angels
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